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Beth S

Of all the taglines I've heard, "With great power comes great responsibility" is one of the most convicting - and in a manner that leads to action. When I think of how much power to influence I have at my disposal, it actually humbles and terrifies me, and I must fall to my knees and pray that I don't misuse this power. It's a common mistake to think that our actions have very little impact, leading us to act as though it doesn't matter what we do. In reality, even a person of low status (in any area of life) has the power to effect change in their social circle and beyond - through displaying the grace and truth of Christ through everyday living and through calling down the power of God through prayer.

(Spiderman is rife with spiritual metaphors. Here's what I wrote about Spiderman and the Holy Spirit: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=233462009193)

Dave Goffeney

Hey Beth, i'll definitely check out what you wrote. Thanks for the insights...and I agree, it's a pretty convicting/frightening thing to consider the 'power' we have.

Beth S

If the link doesn't work, copy/paste the url and delete the end parenthesis. I think Jon Acuff's shameless plugging is rubbing off on me...

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