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Tyler Moser

wow. that just rocked me. thanks for sharing that Dave.


Yeah, I love that vid. I guess I'd say it all comes down to what the good news you're offering people is. Are you offering them news about God and their need for God Himself or something else based on the greeds of their flesh.

Dave Goffeney

Thanks for chiming in Bern. I agree fully!

Tyler, glad to hear...Piper has to be the most emotional guy i've ever seen. I'm humbled too by the desire to focus on how the gospel meets 'felt needs' and try to 'convince' people to trust Jesus...

Instead, understanding Justification and the double-exchange of forgiveness from our terrible sinful nature and actions AND we're called sons/daughters of the most Glorious God and given the identity of Jesus. From there, all things fall into perspective.

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