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If they're convicted about that Super Bowl that's great for them, I think the comments on the article itself say it all.

I hate stuff like abortion and domestic violence, I hate gov't corruption and each is borne from a divinely implanted sense of justice.

I think most christian protests (even the "silent one" that we always seem to find out about somehow...) are PR moves and lack any substance due to the superficial problems they address. There are a lot worse things out there that we could be protesting against than commercials for Bud Light or Go Daddy. I think our poor choice of protest-worthy subjects suggest we don't know who we are, what the world is like, what's really at stake in it, or what God would plans to reform it into.

I had a lot of chili watching SB44 last night, maybe that's why I'm so grumpy...


DANG that's a lot of typo's - sorry for bringing down the quality of your blog!

Dan Goodson

Yeah, there was a comment by 'Travis' that I agreed with:

"Please don’t get me wrong I don’t think the Superbowl is any great historical event that we should commit ourselves to passionately, it is a big disappointment that it impacts our worship of God on Sunday throughout the season, and quite a few of the advertisements are inappropriate.

However, it can still be a good opportunity to gather people together and have fun with family and friends. Maybe even some who never go to church at all. Perhaps this is an opportunity to meet those who have run from the church and engage them on their own playground. I even heard some people had parties to raise awareness of Haiti."

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