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This is super convicting Dave. Of course I don't want to get punched 100 times and still not get it, but I often respond to exhortation like the fool. I convince myself that the other person just happened to catch me at my ONE moment of weakness. I don't struggle with that daily or anything, they just caught me at a bad time. Essentially I make excuses to lessen the value of their words so I don't have to deal with my sin.
I can see this becoming a bigger problem as I enter marriage in 5 weeks. Will I respond humbly and respectfully when Keith calls me out on something? Or will I explain it away? Great question for thinking through the value of exhortation, "How is this an opportunity for me to grow?"

Dave Goffeney

I fully agree Desyre. I'm right there with you on the tendency to dismiss things as 'isolated moments', when they're likely trends that I just don't get caught in as often as I could/should.

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