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Great question Dave. Just another reminder that the success and comfort advertised by the world is often in direct opposition to the definition of comfort and success offered through Christ. Which philosophy do we consciously choose to live out?

Sam Li

Ugh! This is convicting! My family growing up was never in need/want, but we fought constantly. I've often wished my mom didn't work, so that we'd have more time with the parents albeit in perhaps a smaller house, or something.

Now that Steven and I are thinking about finances for OUR marriage, I find myself wrestling with a desire to live in financial security like we had growing up, even though I know it's not worth it if it comes at the expense of relationships!

Dave Goffeney

Sam, I can honestly say that talking these things through during the pre-marriage stage is SO important...so way to go! Thanks for sharing about your own upbringing...it really gives great insight.

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