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our church is going through a pastor transition right now and, in a time when everyone, including myself, is critically observing the state of the pastorate as well as the congregation, I have found myself convicted of this very thing. This post is a very good reminder that we are called to "spur one another on toward love and good deeds", not rip one another apart.

Sam Li

It sounds like a cliche blanket-statement, but I think gossipers just need love. When I offer information I probably shouldn't have, when I look back on it later, I realize that I wanted to feel included in a conversation, or something. I wouldn't doubt that others enjoy the attention and inclusion, too, when they gossip.

Nick S.

I was reflecting on verse 26:9 this morning...(Like a thorn that goes up into the hand of a drunkard is proverb in the mouth of fools.)...and I found myself being convicted of the easiness it is to complain about something or someone. Now I recognize that gossip by no means is a proverb, but I think of the dangers we have if any type of news is put in the hand, or more literally mouth, of someone who can't use it properly. Maybe I'm stretching this verse a long ways, but just as a thorn is in the hand of a drunkard, so is the man holding a gasoline can next to fire. There is an evaluation we need to make of WHO can appropriately handle the information, news, and sometimes possible gossip. Anyways, Just some thoughts.

Dave Goffeney

Good stuff Nick. I love that you're reading Proverbs. 2 Timothy and Proverbs are 2 books I think every young man needs to camp out in! I love your insights and am glad to have you back as a 'blog-friend'.

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