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Hey Dave, interesting word choice.

I think a good overlapping term would be sheltering. There is a definite tendency in the American church for believers to shelter themselves and their kids from outside influences they think will undermine their faith or lead to some kind of loss. Thus, we see such things as home-schooling, exclusive use of Christian media (don't get me started on KLTY in Dallas), and churches that predictably migrate to the suburbs. All I'm gonna do here is end up griping if I don't watch myself so I'll just say that purely defensive strategies like sheltering and the pursuit of safety will inevitably fail. Sin, temptation, and tragedy will find their way in. The church and people of faith need to be on the offensive if they want to survive personally and corporately. I recognize that what I've been talking about is just a subset of safety but it all comes back to trusting God and believing that His power and wisdom are superior to anything in the world. That doesn't mean foolishly or recklessly putting Him to the test, but it does mean engaging with the world in ways that include actually putting something on the line.

Sorry to sorta ignore your questions (they're kinda in there) - I'll have to think about them...


As for your first question, I think there are (at least) two mistakes made in the pursuit of safety. One is that we try to make our own safety, or more precisely, security. I'll think to myself, "I'll be financially safe if I get a job and stop spending all this money feeding people." Leaving God out of the safety equation is, of course, a critical error.
But the second mistake can be made when looking straight at God - seeking security in doing nothing. We say we're waiting on God before we make a move, but at least some of the time, we're ignoring the general principles and commands God's given us and instead demanding that He give us some crazy sign that He wants us to go do something. I read about it here: http://theologica.blogspot.com/2009/05/deyoung-plague-of-passivity-and-hyper.html

Dave Goffeney

Thanks Bern, I think you actually did get to the questions in a round-about sort of way. While I honor your decision to stay away from griping, I think it would be good to call out tendencies that we find ourselves falling into, then eventually establishing as "How Tos" or "Musts" for Christian living (eg. home schooling). While I fully support people's decisions to go that route, and see some wisdom in it...sometimes, I can't believe that has become a dogmatic rule so many people are grafting into the faith. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength....and home school... and love your neighbor if it's safe. This kind of thing is wrong!!! And I won't shy away from saying that. I want to be careful to stay loving and patient, and to respect people who choose this route (or other things I don't do/agree with), BUT as it starts to form the Church in an un-biblical manner we must speak up. Thanks for your thoughts and i'm glad to hear a pastor speaking the things you are.

Dave Goffeney

Hey Beth, thanks so much for writing in, and for suggesting the site you posted. Leaving God out of any effort for safety, whether we recognize it or not, is indeed a critical error and it will end in tragedy and disappointment if our eyes aren't opened to the truth! Waiting for 'handwriting on the wall' is indeed often used as an excuse for stagnancy and we can't ignore that error either. BTW, which Beth is this? Is it Beth from Project, or Beth S. from Davis? Either way, thanks for the thoughts!

Nick Stew

1. What does it really mean to be safe? I know most of us wouldn’t disagree with the 2 examples above, but how do you really view the idea of safety?

2. What is the balance between responsibility/stewardship and living a life of faith/confidence?

The balance between responsibility and living a life of faith I believe is routed in the first question where my idea of safety is knowing the security of salvation in Christ, which makes me excited to hear discussion on the next blog on the word "saved".

I think walking the tightrope here is a difficult walk in many senses, and one in which we vacilate between sides in our sanctification. As we maintain an externally focused view in our lives, as well as a constant necessity for God and His Word, I believe we will be made to live a life of faith and full reliance on God. So that whatever comes our way: persecution, challenges, death, questioning, doubt; we will feel safe with our Father and begin to see the blessings in the way they truely are.

I would like to add that from my own experience I think there is a process of transformation that changes our view of what blessings are and what it is to be safe.

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